Battle Royale Games are one of the most played games of 2024. These games have amazing features and setups that attract users. One of these games is Sigma Battle Royale APK. This game was one of the best mobile games and after its release on Playstore millions of users downloaded this amazing game. In this blog post, we will discuss the Sigma APK release date and the reasons behind its removal from Google Playstore.

sigma release date

Sigma Battle Royale APK Release Date

The Sigma game was officially launched on 27 November 2022 as an Android Application Package and gained notable attention from the gaming community. Due to its availability in the official app store users were facing no issues regarding its download. Moreover, the game was packed will diverse features and game mechanisms. The services provided by this game were outstanding which made it rank among other battle royale games such as Free Fire and PUBG mobile.

Furthermore, the game provides different game maps and modes where users can join battles. In addition, the theme of this game is attractive and engaging. Developers used light colors to highlight even the smallest details to provide unstoppable entertainment to the users. Apart from that, it consists of several equipment and weapons that users can use in the mobile version or PC Version.

Note: We have mentioned the reasons behind the removal of this game in the above article. There is news spreading in the air regarding its relaunch in official stores. Some of the content creators are saying that all the above issues have been handled and the game is going to appear in the official stores on 3 September 2024. Till now there has been no update and users have to use a third-party website to download this game.

The main reasons for the removal of the Sigma game from the Play Store

The Battle Royale Sigma Game was developed by an Indonesian company Studio Arm Private Limited. After its release, many users thought it was a lite version of the Free Fire game as some of the features in this game relate to the FF game. In light of this, people thought that as it was a copy of Free Fire, therefore Free Fire developers were the main reason behind its removal. But the case is totally different and the FF developers had nothing to do with its removal.

Below we have mentioned the main reasons behind the Sigma APK removal.

Violation of Google Play Store Policies

This was one of the main reasons behind its removal as Play Store or any other official store has strict policies and guidelines. These are built to ensure the safety of users and the Sigma APK was unable to fulfill the requirements. There were some key features such as content, user experience, and privacy in which this game showed a lack of proof. Due to this, the official stores had no other option other than to remove this game.

Security Concerns

The official store has strict rules regarding the security concerns of users. This is to make sure that users will not face any issues with the safety and security of any application downloaded from this platform. While doing the security check, the Sigma game faced various security issues and raised a question regarding its safety. To ensure a safe environment the official stores swiftly removed this application from their platforms.

Technical problems

While playing this game users were facing different issues such as game crash issues, bugs, and performance issues. Although these issues are no big still they cause frustration and a lack of gaming performance. As the official stores are renowned for providing the best services in order to keep that service this game was removed.

Legal issues

This game was inspired by the Free Fire game and most of the features were similar. Considering this, it also faced copyright issues which led to difficult situations. As the official stores do not support apps with copyright issues, this was also one of the reasons for its removal.


Sigma APK was criticized for many things and some of these reasons caused the removal of the app from the official stores. The removal caused disappointment among the Sigma APK fans and they are expecting its relaunch. We hope the developers will consider the issues and work on them to provide a safe and secure platform for the battle royale fans.

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